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With our main office in Rio de Janeiro and a branch in Porto Alegre, we are committed to the excellence and satisfaction of our customers. Our focus is to identify the specific need of each client to best employ the strategic use of intellectual assets aiming to optimize the benefit to the client as well as to the society.


Our Organization acts globally offering management of intangible assets for Brazilian and foreign companies that perceive intellectual property as a benefit that adds value to its business.


We offer efficiency, experience, competitive prices, attention and everything required for prompt and satisfactory service to our clients. We always strive to obtain excellence in client satisfaction through ethical conduct, on-time delivery and quality in the services provided. All the experience of our professionals is combined with a philosophy of absolute respect for the confidentiality of all customer information. Basing our work on credibility, ethics, knowledge, competence,  honesty and responsibility to each day better serve the interests

of our Clients.


To be able to do this, we count on a multidisciplinary team made up of lawyers, engineers, industrial property agents and highly qualified personnel in constant training in our offices of Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre. Custodio de Almeida & Cia works with the maximum technology to ensure efficiency, agility and human support. We have allied the know-how acquired since 1940, dealing directly with the administrative and legal proceedings, allowing us to offer a fast, accurate, safe and high-quality service.


National Service


Av. Borges de Medeiros, 464, 3º andar. Centro, RS, CEP 90020-022

International and National Service


Rua Álvaro Alvim 21, 19º andar, Cinelândia, RJ, CEP 20031-010

Trademark Registration, Patent Registration, Industrial Design Registration (Product Design), Computer Program Registration, Copyright Registration, Madrid Protocol, Patent Search, Registration of Technology and Franchise Transfer Agreements, Judicial Notices and Extrajudicial Lawsuits, Intellectual Property Law Violation Lawsuits, Marks and Patents Nullity Lawsuits, Prevention and Suppression of Unfair Competition, Suppression of Piracy, Conflict Resolution by Measurement, Trademark Evaluation and Corporate Technical Opinions between Trade Dress. Trust in the registration of Trademarks and Patents in Porto Alegre, Registration of Trademarks Abroad. Most traditional office in the Registration of Marks and Patents in Porto Alegre.

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