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The mark is one of the most valuable properties of your Company.  It is through mark that your clients will identify you and the consumers will choose your products or services. The mark is the sign utilized to identify and distinguish a product or a service. The right on the mark in Brazil is acquired through its registration with the competent Administration authority.  The registration of a trademark is of great importance since provided it is registered, no other company in Brazil, dedicated to the same field of activity, may use it without your express permission.


Care with the trademark begins with obtaining its registration. After the registration is granted, it is necessary to keep it in force by renewing it every 10 years.    During the whole validity period of the registration it is necessary to stay alert in order to prevent the registration of an identical or similar trademark, one that reproduces it even partially or with an addition, or the occurrence of imitations that may confound the consumer, leading him to buy the good of a competitor while he thinks it is your good or, even, leading him to associate trademarks of others with yours.  Our office takes charge of the registration prosecution of your trademark, from the moment of your choice, when, through the analyses of possible priorities, it is verified the registrability of the application.   After that, we take charge of all proceedings required to obtain the actual registration of the feasible trademark. After the grant of the registration, we take care of the maintenance and defense of your trademark.



The letters patent entitles its owner the right to explore, with exclusivity, the object of the invention, and to impede others from producing, commercializing or importing the object of the patent, while it is in force, without the owner’s permission.   The patent of invention is in force for a twenty (20)-year term counted as of the filing date of the application and the appropriate moment for applying for a patent is soon after the conclusion of the invention, even before its disclosure.


The care of your patent of invention or utility model does not end upon obtaining the Letters Patent.  It is necessary, as of the beginning of the third year, counting from the filing date, to attend to the payment of the yearly renewal fee.  In addition, a permanent monitoring is essential in order that others do not attempt to patent something similar or something based on your invention and also to prevent others from reproducing the object of your patent or in case this happens, proper remedies should be adopted.


The copyright comprises moral prerogatives related to the personal and eternal bond that ties together its creator and his work, and property prerogatives regarding the economic effects of the work and its use, by means of the participation of the author in all the procedures and results related to his work. The moral and property rights of the creator in relation to his work are the following: Human spirit creations.

According to the Copyright Legislation, Law no. 9.610 of February 19, 1998, the following may be protected:

  • Texts of literary, artistic or scientific works;
  • Conferences, short speeches, sermons and other works of the same nature;
  • Dramatic-musical works;
  • Choreographic and pantomimic works, which scenic performance is reproduced in writing or in any other form;
  • Musical compositions, with or without lyrics;
  • Audiovisual works, provided with sound or not, including cinematographic works;
  • Photographic works and those produced through any other process analogous to that of photography;
  • Works of drawings, painting, gravure, sculpture, lithography and kinetics art;
  • Illustrations, maps and other works of the same nature;
  • Projects, sketches and plastic works related to geography, engineering, topography, architecture, landscaping, scenography and science;
  • Adaptations, translations and other information on original works presented as new intellectual creation;
  • Computer programs; (See specific page);
  • Collections or compilations, anthologies, encyclopedias, dictionaries, databases and other works that due to their selection, organization or content arrangement constitute an intellectual creation.

Legal Assistance

Custódio de Almeida & Cia. is widely recognized in the Market for its technical/legal excellence, since it counts on highly qualified attorneys, respected in the Intellectual Property area. We act in any jurisdiction or instance of the Brazilian Judicial Branch, specifically in litigations involving trademarks, patents, industrial design, unfair competition prevention, domain name, copyrights and correlated matters.

Startups and Technology

Obtaining the software registration for technology companies will make it easy to prove the authorship of the program, in case any questioning is raised in relation to it. The Software registration is facultative and the protection of the copyrights of its owner does not depend on it.


The program is valid for 50 years, counted as of January 1st of the year following the year of the date of its creation. The protection of the program title may be obtained along with the registration of the software, provided it is original and unmistakable in relation to the title of another program launched previously. The amount of the fee to be paid by the BPTO shall depend on the number of pages of the Software documents.


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